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  • Monday, January 9, 2017

    The Watcher King

    The Watcher King is now available on Kindle. This is "episode" 1 (think TV series, or webisode perhaps), or aka Book 1 of The Pa'raGhon Chronicles.

    One of my beta readers said that young Malatthias was a brooding kind of character. That's good, because that's how I wrote him. After all, his father just died on the battle field, his father's pteripus (winged horse) is hunted by Gryphons, his mother is missing, and now he's expected to raise his younger brother. One more thing, he's now the king.

    A few other obstacles, like a blood-sucking seductress, and flesh-eating Nephilim mar his journey to kinghood, but other than that, piece of cake.


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