• "... being confident of this that he who began a good work in you will carry it on till completion ..." (Philippians 1:6)
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    The Alten Ink Publishing Model:

    Alten Ink is a small Indie publisher--one staff (me) and a few outsourced professional subcontractors, which includes Blue Peacock Creative and AG Christian Press. If you have dreams of selling a million books we are not the company for you. But we will work with you side by side from beginning to the end of your project; answer any questions you may have (hopefully I'll have the answer); and I answer email within 24 hours ... or less.

    Every author who signs a contract with Alten Ink will have access to articles about marketing their own books. I'll network with you on social sites, but you'll have to work at getting your own following, though I will get the word out about your book. So your author platform would consist of, but not limited to, the following: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, personal blogs, and Facebook author pages. If you have an email list that could also work in your favor. These are only a few suggestions.

    If you have a novel-length book, please have it professionally edited before you submit to Alten Ink. If it's a novella, around 27,000 words, or any book that is 42 pages or less, we will probably do the editing for you, but we still advice you get an editor. 

    Alten Ink uses the internet to sell books. If we sell 100 of your books a month we consider you a bestseller. 


    Editing only: $6.00 per page
    Proof Reading only: $3.00 per page
    Publishing on Kindle: starting from $75.00 (no images)
    Book Cover: $300 

    The $2000 Package 
    Includes: Proofreading, Editing, formatting, publishing (Paperback, black and white only), limited marketing
    • Any revisions after book is already published: $25.00, 
    • Illustrations are not included


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