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  • Saturday, November 30, 2013

    What Our Authors Are Saying About AI: Deanne Davis

    Debby is an editor who will keep after the author, who is in love with every one of her golden words, until she admits that there are way too many of them; some of them are repetitive, and a lot of them never needed to happen! And does it gently enough so there is no sobbing into the keyboard.

    Alten Ink has gotten me published three times on Amazon.com Kindle, two short stories: The Crown, and The Vuillaume Violin and another longer piece about early California and Mexico, A Treasure Map, A Drunken Owl and 47 Rattlers in a Bag. All three skillfully edited with wonderful cover art and, yes, friends and neighbors, there are even royalties!

    Debby (in collaboration with G8Press) is currently hard at work on my next book, A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter, and I am confident that with her guidance, this will exceed my most indulgent fantasies of what it could be. Alten Ink and Debby are online on a constant basis and their authors never feel that they have been abandoned by their editor. I can't imagine going anywhere else for the help and encouragement I need, and always get. I'm totally sold on Alten Ink and plan to be working with them as long as I can come up with a new idea now and then.

    Author/Song Writer~~Deanne Davis

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