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    Things have changed in the book business. Used to be that a publisher would do all of the marketing for their authors. With the internet in its glory days, and showing no signs of slowing down, authors have plenty of options to do their own marketing. 

    These days authors themselves play a large role in promoting their books. Traditional publishers want to know what kind of "platform" the author has. A platform? How many followers does an author have on Twitter, how many friends on Facebook, how many people are checking out an author's Pinterest account; there's Google +, LinkedIn, Tumbler, blogs. In other words does the author have an audience?

    So as an author, one must learn this beast called marketing: sell not only the product but themselves as well. We're gathering some simple marketing tips which we think every author needs to learn ... and do. Remember, marketing is something you need to do on a consistent basis. Carve out some time each day to market your book.

    (Some of these links lead to articles outside AI. Each site was tested and trusted.)

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